Metal Roof Shingles Installation and Repair

In recent years, metal roofing has become a prevalent house roofing material and there are now a wide variety of selections to pick from. There are actually currently just as many choices for homeowners to pick from for a residential metal roof as there are for business owners to pick from for commercial metal roofing. In this paragraphs, we will discuss the various choices you have with metal roof shingles in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas. Such an array of metal roof shingles means that you will be able to pick out the perfect roof for your house. Our staff here at Keystone General Contracting, LLC has years of experience in the roofing business, and we can help you with any and all of your metal roofing needs! Call us today at (318) 703-4780 to learn more about metal roof shingles or to schedule an installation appointment.

With Decra Metal Roof Shingles, You Can’t Tell the Shingles Aren’t Stone

Why You Should Choose Metal Roof Shingles

There are many advantages to purchasing metal roofing, including higher energy efficiency, longevity and durability. One of the prominent styles of metal roofing is metal roof shingles, as they offer a contemporary look to conventional roofing styles. For example, you can select thin, strong, and energy efficient metal shake roofing in lieu of wood shake roofing. For a similar installation price, you get the same appearance, with greater advantages, such as little upkeep and high fire resistance. Besides metal shake roofing, we also carry slate metal roofing and metal roofing tiles. Our simulated slate roofing selections are good for residents who want the appeal of an elegant slate roof, but want a lighter, or less expensive option. Whatever the style of metal roofing shingles you are looking for, we are here to help you find the ideal roof!

Comprehensive Metal Roofing Installation and Repair

To schedule an installation or ask for an estimate for metal roof shingles in Shreveport, LA, call (318) 703-4780. If you have inquiries, we are ready to answer them and we can help you pick your metal shingles from the wide range of choices we have available. One of our personal favorites are Decra roofing shingles. With Decra shingles, you can get stone coated steel shingles in earth-tone colors that mimic asphalt or stone shingles with a steel base for durability. When you want to experience the difference of a professional roofer, contact Keystone General Contracting, LLC.