Standing Seam Metal Roofing Services

Do you have a home or office building that requires a reliable roof? Installing a roof material which can handle strong winds and severe weather is essential. Yet, lots of buildings have roofing systems installed that need a substantial amount of maintenance that is sometimes difficult to deal with for some clients. Keystone General Contracting, LLC provides an assortment of metal roof types including standing metal seam roofs, a popular style of metal roofing for homes and businesses. If you are interested in learning more about our standing seam metal roof installation in Shreveport, LA, give us a call now at (318) 703-4780 to speak to any of our helpful team members!

Benefits of Getting Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

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Made from two metal panels constructed vertically along the roof decking, standing seam roofs are among the most durable and low maintenance roofing systems available. Due to the vertical panels and seams that comprise this metal roofing system, you have no need to worry about water leaking through. There are a variety of standing seam metal roof styles for you to select from like snap lock or mechanical lock standing seam metal roofs, and thanks to the composition of the metal, these panels effectively reflect heat and sunlight away from the surface of your roof. When you need a superior roofing system that offers energy savings benefits, a long lifespan, and little in the way of maintenance requirements, standing seam metal roofs are an excellent option. In some cases, having a metal roof also means extra savings through tax breaks and lowered insurance rates due to the stability of the roof.

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A standing seam metal roof installation can cost more when compared to shingle roofs, but though the benefits of metal roofing will save you money in the future. Most metal roofing systems will last for fifty years or longer and don’t have the same maintenance requirements of asphalt shingles. Furthermore, a home or business is fitted with increased protection from fires, hail, wind, and UV rays. If you are contemplating standing seam metal roof installation in Shreveport, LA, call Keystone General Contracting, LLC now at (318) 703-4780. You can trust the pros at Keystone General Contracting, LLC for excellent work and a reliable roof which lasts for decades. Contact us now to get started!