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Roofing Installation and Repair Services in Paris, TX

We Are the Company To Call If You Need Roof Installation or Repairs.

Keystone General Contracting LLC can handle any of your roofing needs. Our company cares so much about people having safe roofs that we offer our services all the way to the next state! You can’t control the weather, but you can control how your roof stands up to a serious storm when you call Keystone General Contracting LLC at (318) 300-3660 to get the most durable roofing materials in Paris, TX to make sure your roof protects you. We tries to help minimize some of the stress off of you while your roof is getting installed by assisting file your insurance claims and dealing with your insurance company. For the best roofing services in Paris, TX, call Keystone General Contracting LLC.

Flat Roofing Company

We Can Repair Your Flat Roof For an Affordable Price.

There are so many roofers in Paris, TX. Keystone General Contracting LLC set ourselves apart by offering metal, commercial, premium, and storm roof damage repair while many other roofing companies do not. Inexperienced roofing companies can damage your roof even more. Go with the pros at Keystone General Contracting LLC to be sure that you are getting a quality roof in Paris, TX. Contact us today at (318) 300-3660 to schedule an appointment. For durable roofing that will last your family decades, contact Keystone General Contracting LLC.

Metal Roofing

We Provide Metal Roofing To Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Properties.

Residential Metal Roofing in Paris, TX and Surrounding Areas

Keystone General Contracting LLC offers metal roofing for both home and business properties. Metal roofs are a great option for buildings that want a sturdy and low maintenance roof that will last a minimum of 50 years. Metal roofing systems can endure hail, wind, fire, snow, and rain. If you don’t want a bare metal roof, getting a roof coating or painting can cover the tinny sheen. Metal roofing is a great investment, so call phone Keystone General Contracting LLC at (318) 300-3660 now to get yours.

Commercial Roofing

If Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair or Replacement, Our Roofers Can Help.

Commercial Roofing Repairs and Restorations

Commercial buildings have numerous choices in what type of roof they want. Commercial roofs are often flatter than residential roofs, which leads water to pool and leak, making the commercial roofs need more maintenance. Keystone General Contracting LLC are different from other businesses in that we supply repair services for all kinds of commercial roofs, even cool and green roofs. Call our company at (318) 300-3660 if you need commercial roof repair in Paris, TX.

Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings Are Seamless, So They Make Roofs Completely Waterproof.

Roof Coating Business

Roof coatings are waterproof defensive membranes that help to extend the life of your existing roof. Roof coatings are extremely affordable, though messy, so you are recommended to have a professional apply them. There are all kinds of types of roof coatings, from rubber to acrylic. No matter what type of roof coating you decide on, they all are waterproof, seamless, and reflective. This allows them to be acknowledged as cool roofs and helps to lower energy bills. Roof coatings commonly come in two forms: liquid or PVC rolls. If you are unsure what type of roof coating is best for your commercial roof in Paris, TX, talk to one of our team members at Keystone General Contracting LLC at (318) 300-3660.

  • Flat Roof Coatings Flat roofs really benefit from roof coatings as it helps make them water resistant and extend their life.
  • Metal Roof Coatings Call Keystone General Contracting LLC for metal roof coating repair services today.
  • Rubber Roof Coatings Rubber roof coatings help extend the life of your roof by a minimum of 10 years for under $100 a square foot.
  • Industrial Roof Coatings Industrial roof coatings are designed to endure high heat and toxic chemicals.
  • Urethane Modified Acrylic Call us for urethane modified acrylic roof coating installation today.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Our Roofers Take Pride in Our Storm Damage Roof Repair.

Reliable Storm Damage Roof Repair in Paris, TX

Residing in Paris, TX, storms are no shock. When these severe storms pass through, roofs get damaged, needing emergency maintenance. Keystone General Contracting LLC supplies storm damage roof repair for this reason. No matter whatsort of weather, we can repair or replace any type of roof. If you are filing storm damage insurance claims, Our company will help you by working with the insurance company and providing necessary photos and documents. Getting you a new, durable roof is our utmost importance and what our company was founded on. For the best storm damage roof repair in Paris, TX, phone Keystone General Contracting LLC at (318) 300-3660 today.

Industrial Roofing

If You Need Industrial Roofing, Call Us Today.

Industrial Roofing Business

Keystone General Contracting LLC offers industrial roofing along with the many other services we offer. Government roofing is a niche market and it takes experienced roofers to handle this kind of project. Our company is happy to help! We supply roofing services for industrial buildings like churches and government buildings. Have an industrial building but it wasn’t listed above? If your industrial building in Paris, TX needs roofing, call our team today at (318) 300-3660.