Commercial Roof Coating: Gimmick or Legitimate Investment?

White Flat Roof With Skylights

A Roof Coating Can Greatly Enhance Waterproofing and/or Energy-Efficiency for Your Building.

You may have already heard of commercial roof coatings. While many businesses sing the praises of roof restoration, you have to ask: “Is it really worth the cost?” Let’s find out!

What is the Purpose of a Roof Coating?

Consistent maintenance and seasonal repairs will prevent the majority of problems for your roofing system. There comes a time however, when gradual wear and tear has worn down your material, leaving tears and punctures. You’re left with a difficult choice: do I stick it out and keep scheduling repairs, or do I start looking for a roof replacement?

That’s where roof coatings come into play. A roof coating is the middle option between repairs (which can get expensive over time) and installing a brand new roof (immediately expensive). The restorative coating can mend minor holes, cracks, tears, etc., but there are many other potential benefits as well. Many businesses see a dramatic decrease in their cooling costs as well, because a coating can reflect additional sunlight.

Which Roof Coating is Best?

“What’s best for my business?” is the right question. It all depends on what functional priorities you have. Some of the most popular roof coatings include:

  • Acrylics 
  • Silicone Coatings
  • Polyurethane
  • Butyl Coating

If your business is searching for a stronger waterproofing to combat pooling water on the roof, your best choices will be either butyl or silicone. Both of these can handle weathering hazards extremely well. Polyurethane offers fair water resistance with excellent color protection.

Companies that look for energy-efficiency above all else often go with an acrylic or even a urethane modified acrylic coating. Acrylics (especially whites) are highly reflective, so they can greatly reduce the temperature of your roofing system. Who doesn’t like saving money on heating and cooling costs?

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