Urethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coatings

Are you on the lookout for a high performing, improved roofing coating that’s also budget-friendly? Then search no further than the newly released Conklin PUMA XL roof coating. This specialized coating is a urethane modified acrylic that’s meant to dry exceptionally fast, in as little as 2 – 6 hours, and even provide undeniably seamless fortification. To ask about pricing or availability for a urethane modified acrylic in Shreveport, LA, contact our team of professionals today at (318) 703-4780! On this page, we here at Keystone General Contracting, LLC have supplied you with a list of characteristics that make this roofing solution so effective!

What Are Urethane Modified Acrylic Commercial Roof Coatings?

Urethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coatings Can Last 20 Years!

Acrylic or urethane coatings are known for specific properties like exceptional leak protection, and the PUMA XL provides that much as well. The main difference, though, is that this new material is stronger as well as more durable. Most roof systems are eligible for this fantastic roofing material, and it can quickly apply over a selection of roof systems. There are plenty of different kinds of acrylics, all of which offer incredible flexibility, including the improved urethane modified acrylic. Flexibility is especially essential for roofs that are faced with extreme temperature changes throughout the year. Conklin is so confident that their product is here to stay, in most cases Keystone General Contracting, LLC can provide a manufacturer’s warranty of 18 years! This low-maintenance coating even reinforces your roofing defense from the sun, which provides impressive energy efficiency. While many roof coatings can deflect the sun’s rays, the PUMA XL coating can actually reflect as much as 85% of the warmth of the sun off of your building!

Get Your Urethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coating Today

Why wait for your existing roof system to let you down, when you can get a dependable new roof coating by calling us at (318) 703-4780! Not each contractor in the area is offering this new coating, but our team is one of the few that can offer it. Our crew is ready to supply you with the urethane modified acrylic in Shreveport, LA that you are looking for. There is even an extensive variety of roofing materials you can apply this coating too! If you are prepared to protect your roofing with a long-enduring coating that’s resistant to leaks, be sure to give us a call.