Architectural Shingles Installation

Architectural Shingles Last Twice As Long As Asphalt Shingles

The appearance of architectural shingles established a major step in the right direction for everyday roofing. Completely distinct from standard asphalt shingles, these shingles come with several benefits that include heightened design options. If you find yourself needing a new roof, we definitely urge you to consider the benefits of getting an architectural shingle roofing system. We are the community leaders on all things architectural shingle, and render ideal applications of this excellent material.

If you desire notable efficiency in a roofing system, you need to give intense thought to architectural shingles. Standard shingles usually will not stand up to the durability of the architectural sort, which is also called laminate, dimensional, or composite shingles. For any inquiries or requirements for architectural shingles service in Shreveport, LA, get in touch with us today at (318) 703-4780.

Architectural Shingles and Their Benefits

Architectural shingle roofing systems supply a great number of benefits for homes and homeowners. The good people at Keystone General Contracting, LLC strive their best to inform patrons of all the benefits associated with their chosen roofing material. The following advantages will happen with your selection of an architectural shingle roofing system for your home.

Shingles Are The Classic Roofing Type Seen On Most Homes

Cost: Architectural shingles appear as a cheaper pick between luxury roofing choices such as cedar shake and slate shingles. The more substantial cost, when measured against asphalt shingles, gets justified through the architectural shingle roofing system’s greater durability. With lessened upkeep demands or need for replacement, architectural shingles will compensate for this extra cost over the years.

Durability: Average roof shingles have just a lone layer of material applied to the roof decking. More than one layer goes into the fabrication of an architectural shingle roof. Everyday shingles can attain a wind rating of approximately 80 mph. Architectural shingle roofing systems, on the other hand, can withstand blowing winds up to 120 mph.

Appearance: Aside from choices that can emulate a large selection of different roofing options, architectural shingles also come in a massive array of styles and colors. An architectural shingle roofing system also presents fewer service requirements than traditional alternatives.

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When you choose a new roofing system, your choice of materials possesses a massive impact on the expenditure of installation. Increased resilience and greatly-reduced service needs allow architectural shingles to offset their higher cost. If you need to find out more about the benefits of these shingles, contact our team whenever at (318) 703-4780. Keystone General Contracting, LLC is the premier service for architectural shingles in Shreveport, LA.