Roof Replacement Vs. Repair

A damaged roof is a damaged roof, but many homeowners wonder when or if they would be saving money and time fully replacing their roof or just getting repairs. Here are some ways to know if roof needs to be replaced or just repaired:


Our Roofers Can Replace Or Repair Your Residential Roof

The type of roofing material you have plays a big factor in when you should opt for replacement. Premium roofing types like slate, metal, and tile can last 80 or more years, while more affordable materials like shingles need to be replaced and repaired more often.


If you live in a storm-ridden area, consider replacing your roof with a stronger roofing system like impact resistant shingles or metal. That way you won’t have to get so many repairs after every big storm that passes through because heavy rains or winds blew off your shingles.


Depending on how big of a leak will determine whether you can just patch your roof and get a few more years out of it or if you need to replace it all together. If you catch the leak quick enough, a simple repair will be fine. If you notice brown water stains on your ceilings or dripping water inside, you need an entire roof replacement as you have a major hole in your roofing system.

How Long Staying in House?

If you know you aren’t going to be staying in this house a long time, repairing the roof for while you are living there is your better option financially. If you have bought a home and are planning on living there for decades or generations, replacing a roof is more affordable in the long run than having to constantly repair the roof.

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