Wind Damage Roof Repairs

Roof Wind Damage Repair Usually Involves Repairing Missing Shingles Blown Off By Wind Or Fallen Trees

In regards to storm damage on our roofing systems, individuals assume that only rain and hail storms can result in a lot of destruction. Although they are right that hail and rain storms will do some harm, high winds tend to be ones that inflict the most destruction. Our roofing systems are very durable, but there are sections on your roofing system that can become damaged. The roofing system is able to lift during bad storms due to wind, uncovering your insulation that can allow water into your house and prompt leaks, mildew, and rotting wood.

Strong winds won't only affect the roofing personally; with strong winds, there is the possibility that branches and debris will hit your roofing. With tree branches being close to a roof, there is the prospect of scuffed roof, cracked shingles, and even having a whole branch land onto the roof. Debris, on the other hand, will cause blockages in your gutters that are able to make water pond on top of your roof. One thing that homeowners need to be mindful of is that as a roof becomes older, it loses some its protection.

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Do You Need Roof Wind Damage Repair?

Shingles Can Get Blown Off When Encountered With High Winds

When trying to gauge if you need roof wind damage repair, there is a fast inspection you can do. While assessing your roof, note any loosened or missing materials from the roofing system structure. When high winds damage parts of your roofing material, it weakens the overall ability of your roofing system to defend against added damage. Curling, damage, and moisture retention on your lingering roofing material can be a symptom that your roof structure is damaged and may have a leak. Debris and tree limbs may also make notches across the surface. Damage can lie obscured underneath the layers of your roofing structure and stay unseen for a long time. Complete an inside inspection by going to your attic and inspecting the roof structure for leaks and damage. Have one of our professional roofing contractors inspect your roof system thoroughly to ensure all damage is discovered. Any damage is immediately fixed with roof wind damage repair to bolster your roof and it gets back to its best. For your roof wind damage repair in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding area, dial (318) 703-4780 for Keystone General Contracting, LLC