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Installing Corrugated Metal Paneling on a New Roof

We Provide Metal Roof Installation To Both Residential and Commercial Roofs.

Metal roofing is rapidly becoming an industry favorite for suburban homes and business buildings alike. This roofing material can sometimes provide you with lower insurance premiums due to how well it defends against the wind, fire, and even hail. As an added bonus, each of the various styles and colors available enable you to pick a roof that perfectly matches your house and personal preference. If you’re interested in metal roof installation or repair in Shreveport, LA or the surrounding communities, the experts at Keystone General Contracting, LLC would be happy to assist you. Get a quote now from our experienced roof contractors by calling (318) 300-3660 today!

Metal Roof Installation and Repair Services

Typically speaking, you can rely on nearly any kind of metal roof system to offer the protection you need. Metal roofs usually only sustain damages from old age, but there are occasions where other items can damage them as well. If you do happen to require metal roof repair, you can expect the repairs to be fairly simple, such as replacing a sole section. Experienced and quality metal roof installation is the best method to avoid the need for roofing repairs, so don’t order your metal roof installation from amateur roofers! Keystone General Contracting, LLC employs only roofers who are certified and trained to repair and install all roofing system types. You can see our reviews of satisfied customers to legitimize our quality work! For metal roof installation or repair in Shreveport, LA, call us today at (318) 300-3660. Listed here, you can see some of the metal roofing services we offer to our customers.

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Durable, Energy-Efficient Materials

Aluminum Roofs

Spraying a Coating on Aluminum Roofing

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Shreveport, LA aluminum roofing is immune to any form of corrosion and is considered to be one of the top level metal roofing products on the market.  This makes aluminum roofing perfect for places that receive greater levels of acidic rain, such as near the coast, as the salt in the water and air will not corrode the metal roofing. Aluminum roofs are also easy to customize to any style roof as it is one of the more easily bendable metal roofing types. Possibly one of the most valuable aspects of aluminum is how incredibly light it is. If a section of your aluminum roofing is damaged, repairing it is as easy as swapping out one roofing panel.

Steel Roofing

Among all of the perks you can count on from steel roof systems, the zinc coating they are made with is one of the greatest. This resilient coat adds an improved level of defense against weather damages and can deter the aging effect time shows on a roof. Corrosion is thankfully uncommon with steel roofing in Shreveport, LA, and the light materials are great for the long-term health of your structure. Steel roof repair is simple when required, but very rarely needed, and the value per square foot is incredible for large roofing projects.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Metal roofs offer superior strength, extended longevity, great durability, and significant energy efficiency. But when it comes to stone coated metal, you can have each of these bonuses while having the appearance of traditional shingles or tiles. Conventional roofing designs are created with lightweight metal panels that have each been covered with stone chips on the surface.

This is great if you want to have a durable and long-lasting roof, but no other homes in your neighborhood have metal roofing. Getting stone coated steel roofing in Shreveport, LA will help your home to blend in with the neighborhood aesthetics while supplying you with superior strength for decades to come, outlasting your neighbors’ shingle roofs.

Professional Installation

Metal Shingle Roofing

A Brown Stone Coated Steel Shingle Roof

Metal Shingles Can Be Coated With Stone and Other Natural Materials.

One of the prominent styles of metal systems is Shreveport, LA metal roof shingles, as they offer a contemporary look to conventional roofing styles. For example, you can select thin, strong, and energy efficient metal shake roofing in lieu of wood shake roofing. For a similar installation price, you get the same appearance, with greater advantages, such as little upkeep and high fire resistance. Besides metal shake roofing, we also carry slate metal roofing and metal roofing tiles. Our simulated slate roofing selections are good for residents who want the appeal of an elegant slate roof, but want a lighter, or less expensive option.

Corrugated Metal Roofs

Corrugated metal is another resilient metal roofing option, and this affordable material can be seen on both homes and businesses. Typically, when you think of corrugated metal roofs, warehouses and agricultural buildings dating back to the 1800’s come to mind. With today’s progress in technology, that’s no longer the case. Now homeowners can access corrugated metal roof installation in Shreveport, LA, providing a clean look home exteriors. You’ll love the sturdy, but classy design.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Made from two metal panels constructed vertically along the roof decking, standing seam roofs are among the most durable and low maintenance roofing systems available. Due to the vertical panels and seams that comprise this metal roofing system, you have no need to worry about water leaking through. There are a variety of standing seam metal roof styles for you to select from, including snap lock and mechanical lock. Thanks to the composition of our standing seam metal roofs in Shreveport, LA, these panels effectively reflect heat and sunlight away from the surface of your roof.

Mechanical Lock Metal Roof

The Finishing Touches on a Mechanical Lock

Mechanical Lock Metal Roofs are Made For Low Sloped Roofs.

Mechanical lock metal roofing in Shreveport, LA is a slower process when compared with snap lock, but this also makes it a little less expensive. As with all metal roofs, you can also rely on this material to present your building with improved energy efficiency as well as minimal maintenance requirements. Since the panels must be handcrafted for mechanical locks, you’ll want experienced metal roofing professionals, such as the crew at Keystone General Contracting, LLC.

Snap Lock Metal Roof

Snap lock metal panels are aptly named because of the way they’re installed, which is as easy as snapping them into place. Installation is simple for snap lock metal roofing, but it is generally only used for roof systems that have a fairly steep slope. Longevity and increased energy efficiency are common qualities you can from any variety of standing seam roofing. If it sounds like our Shreveport, LA standing seam snap lock metal roofing is the ultimate choice for your building, talk with one of our metal roof specialists today!

General Services

Residential Metal Roof Systems

Metal roofs can be engineered to appeal to your personal preferences, from modern looks to traditional roof options. Roof coatings can also be applied on top of metal roofs to not only extend the life of the metal and provide extra protection but to dull the metallic shine or make it appear to be another type of roofing material like stone. To make things even nicer, a metal roof system is a great choice for lowering your energy bills and protecting the environment. If you are considering residential metal roof installation in Shreveport, LA, call us now at (318) 300-3660 to speak with one of our roofing contractors.

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Blue Corrugated Metal Paneling

Corrugated Metal Is Easily Identifiable By The Bolts But Looks Similar to Standing Seam Metal.

Whatever your metal roofing requirements are, you can rely on the Keystone General Contracting, LLC professionals to help you! We’re very experienced in the metal roofing industry, and we can help you with a wide variety of top-quality metal roof installation and repair services. Metal roofing can go on any type of building. We provide metal roof installation for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

If you have a church or agricultural building, metal makes great enduring roofing. Metal roof systems are perfect for individuals that want better protection than shingles, and at a lower cost than clay or slate. We’re proud to provide a variety of metal roof installation in Shreveport, LA, including metal shingles, standing seam, and many more! To begin, or to learn more, call our team of experts at (318) 300-3660 today!