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When you think weather damage, you may think power failures, fallen trees, and ruined landscaping. But the truth is that it does not take a tropical storm to cause significant storm damage to homes in Louisiana. Even smaller storm related events can cause destruction that qualifies for coverage from insurance companies. 

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By completing the form on this page, you’ll get an instant snapshot of recent weather events that hit exactly where you live. Your storm report will tell you the date and severity of storms, as well as the risk factor for your home. Remember that insurance carriers place a timeframe on their storm damage coverage—so don’t miss a chance to file in time!

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If your report shows an elevated risk for wind or hail damage, then Keystone Roofing can immediately step in. We’ve been serving your area for years and are proven insurance restoration experts. We can:

  • Inspect your property to verify damage
  • Collect documentation for your claim
  • Help advocate for the coverage you're eligible for

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Start right away by filling out the form on this page! Even if your report shows no risk of roof damage, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve checked. You can also call Keystone Roofing to speak with a storm damage restoration professional today.