Siding Installation and Repair

Is the deterioration of your home’s siding creating concerns in other areas of the house? Taking care of your siding is important because it plays a big role in protecting your dwelling. There are several unique types of siding to pick from, as well as a variety of advantages to consider. Siding installation in Shreveport, LA is possible by connecting with our reliable roofing contractors at (318) 703-4780. Our staff has all the understanding, experience and professionalism you need!

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Residential Siding Installation Benefits

When it comes to siding installation, there are several basic options to choose from, such as vinyl, aluminum, cedar, and more. Whatever type of siding you install, it will shield your house from storms, as well as the UV rays from the sun, which raises the energy efficiency of your home. You can purchase siding in a variety unique hues, but when you need energy efficiency, the lighter hues perform better in warmer climates. Would you like to hear more or set up an appointment for siding installation? If so, call us now and talk with one of our helpful associates!

How to Determine if Your Siding is Broken

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You may have difficulty seeing siding damage, but there are some simple symptoms you can search for to discover it before it gets really bad. Aging is generally one of the more common reasons for new siding installation, and it can usually be spotted through fading or warping of the siding panels. Bent panels can let moisture into your house, which can cause mold to grow. When you see water spots on your siding, it could show that there is water between the siding and the building that is seeping back out through the siding. Don’t merely wash away water stains, try to find where the water is coming from so you can have a repairman resolve the issue. You can also check the screws and caulking for symptoms of siding issues. Nails that are rusty and chipped caulking are symptoms that your siding requires repair. When you want to hire Keystone General Contracting, LLC to perform your siding installation in Shreveport, LA, dial (318) 703-4780.