Shake Shingle Installation

For homeowners who want the country charm of a wood shake shingle roof, but don’t want the work of maintaining it, Keystone General Contracting, LLC offers installation of synthetic shake shingles in Shreveport, LA. Synthetic shake shingles are easier to install, require low upkeep and offer your home the same aesthetic as wood shingles. Contact our staff at (318) 703-4780 for more information.

Reasons to Install Synthetic Shake Shingles

Get Your Synthetic Shake Shingles Accurately Installed When You Call Our Professional Roofers

A typical cedar shake roof needs a significant amount of upkeep after it has been finished. In order to decrease moss and algae growth from harming the roof, shake shingles need cleaning every couple of months. Additionally, the shingles need routine inspections to keep ahead of wood rot caused by water damage. In addition, the installation process needs specialized understanding to account for the fact that wood changes with time. The installation process for synthetic shake shingles is similar to asphalt shingles, and these roofs do not require very much maintenance. Actually, the only maintenance that is suggested for a synthetic shake shingle roof is an annual examination.

Severe weather doesn’t typically damage synthetic shake shingles. They can endure winds up to 200 mph and driving rain up to 106 mph. Synthetic shake shingles are not impacted by mold, mildew or termites. Regular wood shake roofs were decreasing in popularity because insurance companies wouldn’t cover them anymore because they were such a fire hazard. All synthetic shake roofs are fire resistant and are therefore accepted by insurance companies. With such a durable roof, you will save money on future roofing repairs.

Professional Installation Services

When you want a charming, homey roof that offers exceptional protection, synthetic shake shingles are a wonderful option. Keystone General Contracting, LLC has all the abilities necessary to install synthetic shake shingles in Shreveport, LA. When you would like more knowledge regarding these or other synthetic shingles, contact our staff at (318) 703-4780. Our commitment and goal are to provide expert roofing accompanied by the best customer service to our clients. The roofing materials we use are the best-rated materials in the industry, so you know you are getting a roof that will last decades when you choose to get a synthetic shake shingle roof.